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Blockchain technology is changing the way we do business.  Goods and services are migrating to the Blockchain and will soon be accompanied by a complete and verifiable tracking history. This will benefit all consumers. 

A good example of how Blockchain is being used to solve real-world problems is to look at the diamond industry. Diamonds have a problem. Actually, they have several problems.  Blood diamonds, synthetic diamonds, diamond swapping, the list goes on.  Interestingly, and we believe wisely, De Beers Blockchain solution has committed to introducing Blockchain technology to track every diamond from mine to market. 

Blockchain technology provides unalterable tracking to assure consumers that each diamond is exactly as described. No more blood diamonds and no more fraud. 

The US Federal Government has recently gathered together top jewelry industry professionals and made it clear that unless supply chains become transparent, laws are coming.

Blockchain is an elegant solution to real life problems and you will soon see more and more goods onboard the Blockchain.

The new consumer wants proof of authenticity and responsible sourcing, whether it is an expensive investment like a diamond, or the simple assurance they are not wearing a sweatshop t-shirt. Consumers will soon demand this information, as the origin and supply chain of just about everything we buy will be tracked via Blockchain.  

Imagine standing in the produce section of your local supermarket. You have a choice between buying fruits and vegetables that you don't know anything about, or fruits and vegetables that a scan with your phone tells you exactly where they were grown, if they were treated with pesticides, when they were harvested, how they were transported and who was responsible for your food at each stage of its journey. Oh, and because Blockchain will flatten the supply chain by eliminating middlemen, the fruits and vegetables with complete tracking history are cheaper than the food you know nothing about. Which food would you buy? 

This is not the future, this is reality. Carrefour in France has embraced Blockchain. They sell one million free-range chickens per year with a QR code on every package that shows the name of the farmer, where the chicken was raised, what feed was used and the journey from farm to supermarket. Consumers can scan the QR code to see every detail and provide assurance they are getting the free-range, no GMO feed, organic chicken they expect. Carrefour is rolling out Blockchain tracking for their eggs, cheese, milk, oranges, tomatoes, salmon and ground beef. Supply chains in every industry are implementing Blockchain to reduce paperwork, eliminate middle men and lower costs. They also realize if they don't offer consumers transparency, they are history.

That is the power of Blockchain. That power extends to all goods and services.

Soon, anything traded without Blockchain tracking will raise uncomfortable questions in buyer's minds. Why doesn't it have a Blockchain history? Who made it? Has it been recalled?  Is it fake or genuine? Is it stolen?

Offering Blockchain transparency is a strong incentive for consumers to choose your product or service. It enables you to prove that your product is exactly what you say it is and where it came from. If you do not provide that information, consumers are free to choose competing products that provide Blockchain assurance and transparency to feel comfortable with their purchase.

Companies that do not recognize the competitive advantages of Blockchain are at risk of being replaced by the Blockchain version of themselves. It's worth having a chat with your digital marketing department to learn more about how Blockchain technology will fundamentally change how you do business and how others do business with you. Early adopters in each industry will have an advantage over their competitors.

We understand that a domain name is a company's identity on the internet. Domain names are real estate that are governed by the same axiom as physical real estate - location, location, location.  If your company doesn't own the keyword domain for your business or your industry, it is inevitable that your competitors will.

Real estate is more limited on the internet than it is in the physical world. If you build a skyscraper, there can be many businesses at the same address, but on the internet, there can be only one business at each address.

If your competitors buy the premium internet location for your product or service, you will have to set up your company's internet presence at a sub-optimal address. Your cost to buy advertising to drive traffic to a sub-optimal location will quickly eclipse the cost to BUY that real estate today. Then you are in the driver's seat and your competitors have a problem.

We are Blockchain domain specialists, so please start a conversation with us about how we can help you secure your company's future.